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Pop goes the corn -- 2003-04-18
OK, so I got The Sims for the Gamecube. The first two days I was going nuts. How could a game be this adictive? And the silly thing is that the game is about nothing. Man! Yet, it's hella fun man. The first night I started playing it, and next thing I know five hours have drifted by. It felt like it was nothing. Yet, I still didn't get anything done. CRaZy!

OK, it's late, I had dinner a while back, and now I'm starving to death. This thing doesn't make any sense. I have such a hankering for some popcorn. Man, and there's some right next to the microwave. Who is going to know if I pop some at this hour? Everyone. The smell of fresh pop-corn is irresistible. At least to me it is. Man, writing about it only makes me want to get my ass up and put it into the microwave oven. Damn, maybe I will.

After going to my cousin's house a couple of weeks ago, and listening to AOL radio, I had to find someway of listening to music on my computer again. I hate the local radio stations. All they play is stupid stuff. It sucks. So, I downloaded Netscape's radio program, which is basically AOL's radio. So, I've been checking out the punk music stations. Man, I'm glad I did. I hate this stupid pop shit that's on the radio nowadays.

I might have to get that pop corn now. Hold on.

While the corn pops let me talk about something else. Talia called me today. I didn't update you on what happened last week with her, so here's the deal. My class gets out about 20 minutes before her class does. I waited for her, by her class, and then started talking to her. We got on the shuttle and went to my car. Everything was fine, not really. That old spark that I once felt for her is totally gone. I didn't want to hear her talk about her stupid stuff. Especially when she was practically screaming in my ear on the shuttle. Everyone around us was giving us dirty looks. Which I don't care about. Actually, when I noticed how much Talia was annoying everyone with her voice I asked her more questions so she would talk more. I know, I'm mean.

So, anyway, we got into my car, and I drove her to this church by UCLA. She said that she was going to pray, but I doubted that. Anyway, we get there, and I park the car. We talk, but no sparks from me. Be right back, the pop corn is ready.

OK, as I eat the pop corn I'll tell you the rest. A car goes by and she says, "I think that's my mother's car." She goes to check. From the corner she waves at me good-bye. Thanks for nothing I think to myself, and race home because I'm starving to death. I feel the fool for even waiting around to give her a ride, and getting no thanks for it.

She calls the next day, and we talk. In that conversation I mentioned that I hate women who play games, like she does. I told her that I was giving up on women and becoming celbate. Of course that's a total lie, as bad as women play games I still like them. But, I don't want her to know that. I figured that since she likes to play games that I could tell her this shit and be done with her. Surprise, surprise, today (Thursday), she called me. Thankfully I was busy with something outside so the machine had to get it. When I got in I noticed the message light blinking. I heard it, it was Talia. And, that's when my mind went through this whole debate. Should I call her? The debate went on until dinner. I finally decided that making her wait was best. It's not like I'm going to get anywhere with her. I'm done trying to get anything started with her.

Well, now that my pop corn is nearly finished I'm going to end this entry.

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