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Penciled in -- 2003-05-16
I didn't mention it before, but I went out on a date last week. It's a momentous occation because I haven't been out with a girl in a couple of years. I took Talia to see the Ansel Adams at 100 exhibit at the county museum. It was way cool because I'm a big fan of Adams' work. And, because it was cool to be out and about with a girl. I nearly forgot what that was like. Ah, it was just so nice. I'm thinking of asking her out again for next week. This weekend I plan on doing some other things.

See, now I'm thinking ahead as to what to do next week. I'm thinking your typical date thing, going to play miniature golf. Man I miss that. Last time I went with a girl I had a blast. I missed so many shots. Damn. It was still fun. I need to revisit that joy. I'm going to call her right now and see if she wants to go out next weekend. BRB

OK, so I called her and asked her to hang next week. It's penciled in right now, but I'll call her later this week to make final plans. More on this later this week, as I know for sure.

I'd like to go see The Matrix Reloaded tomorrow. I know I won't be watching the Lakers in the playoffs. They lost last night, and got eliminated by the Spurs. Dammit! This year really was a struggle to watch this team. They started out the year so badly, and hurt, that it's a wonder they even won 50 games, made the playoffs, and where one three point shot away from going up 3 games to 2 on the Spurs. If that shot had by Horry had gone down in game five I would probably be writing about how they somehow eliminated the Spurs. Let's face it, the Lakers didn't have it this year. The Spurs did... do. This series was the finals. No other team can beat the Spurs the way they are playing right now. Dammit!

I bought the new Zelda game, The Wind Waker, about two weeks ago and I'm nearly done with it. I have to say that it is an incredible game. I've pretty much left my nights on hold because I've been playing it nearly non-stop since I got it. It's just a beautiful looking game... and fun too. But, now I don't want it to end. I'm nearly done and I don't want it to end. I guess I could play it again, which I probably will. I did that with the other Zelda game I played, on the SNES. I still play that one sometimes. It's just too cool.

Man it's hot. It's nearly 11 o'clock and I'm sweating like a pig. Then again, it's not super hot, but it's been so cool these last few weeks that now I have this feeling that 80 degrees is super hot. Damn. I think I need to turn a fan on. I can't stand it. There, the fan is on. Much better.

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