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Teacher Suck-ups, Pets, and the Lakers -- 2004-06-01
I have felt like an idiot in any class -- until now. Until Math kicked me in the face this semester. I sat in class today as the teacher explained how I failed today's quiz. It's a conpletely humiliating to sit in class and not understand a single thing that's going on. It makes me feel like I'm mentally retarded. The words coming out of the teacher's mouth are in English, but are clouded by math talk. I want to burst out and just yell "Fuck it!" I want to snap a neck in two, punch a wall, just burst.

Also, you ever notice in classes you hate that there is always some little teacher's pet group of two to five people? I hate those groups, for many reasons. The group in my math class first made me SICK when they brought cupcakes and juice to celebrate the teacher's birthday. For some reason I hate these kind of people. Maybe because their actions make it look like they're sucking up to the teacher. It's definitely that.

I got a B on last week's Speech project. It's not bad, considering I'm the teacher's pet. Or so a couple of my classmates told me the other day. Yeah right. I only wish. I definitely need that status in my math class. I'm going down the tubes in that class. It's a distinct possibility that I'm not going to pass it. I'm going to have to ace the final two tests, I think, to have a chance at passing. Maybe I'll just get by on my good looks. Damn, if that's the case then I'm in big trouble.

A little sports talk for a moment. The Laker's advanced to the NBA finals last night, by beating on the Minnesota Timberwolves. Less anyone in Minnesota think that the Wolves had a chance in the series. No matter what the Wolves did, or how well they played, it was still up to the Lakers to win or lose the series. And for that matter, it was up to the Lakers to lose any given game in the playoffs. The Lakers are the only ones that can beat the Lakers. Be it by just not caring about a game, or not giving the ball to Shaq, it's the Lakers actions that beat them. The Wolves have a good team. A solid team that they can be happy with for next season. However, the reality is that no team can beat the Lakers unless the Lakers beat themselves first. The San Antonio Spurs are the second best team in the league, behind the Lakers. When that series started, it was all Spurs. The Lakers were disinterested, bored, asleep... a combination of all three. Whatever it was, the Lakers were down 0-2 to the only team that beat them for a championship, yet they were sleepwalking through the series. It wasn't until they got interested in game 3 that they woke up and didn't lose a game to the Spurs for the rest of the series.

Being a Laker fan from way back I'm not used to a team that shuts off for a bit while the other team runs up a lead. In the past it wasn't like this. But, I think for as long as this particular group of players is on team it's going to be a rollarcoaster ride of thrills and naps.

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