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Seasonal blahs -- 2004-10-13
Been feeling slowed down, lethargic? Maybe you're feeling what I've been feeling, on and off, for the last few weeks... the seasonal blahs. Course, it could also come from the fact that I've been falling asleep later, and waking up earlier. Now that I think about it, that might be the combination that's making me feel just a little bit tired during the middle of the day. A little bit of caffeine goes a long way. I don't want to do the caffeine thing too many times, because then it's too much of an artificial way to be up. Must get more sleep.

I am thoroughly amazed when I watch the presidential debates on TV, especially the "town hall" one. I'm not surprised by what the candidates said that night, each one stuck to their platform. What I am surprised about is how there are still undecided people out there. One guy on the news said that he was going to wait for the third debate to make up his mind. WHAT AN IDIOT! I don't think there have ever been any two dissimilar candidates running for office than Kerry and Bush. At least their ideals are completely dissimilar, even if they aren't socially.

What it is with these so-called undecided voters is that they haven't taken the time to get to know the differences between the two. Those people, at the last debate, were completely clueless to the individual positions on anything. One lady asked about abortion. It's clear that Bush is against it, and Kerry is for a woman's right to choose. Bush is a liar, and if you like people who lie to your face, then you should vote for him. Simple as that. If you like bankruptcy, and bloodshed, then vote for Bush. This is what this man stands for, if you stand for the same things, vote for the fucker. If you're reasonable, don't want to go bankrupt, and wish to end the bloodshed in Iraq, then you HAVE to vote for Kerry. It's as simple as that.

I truly believe that the forces of evil are with the Bush camp. Their actions aren't one of conservativism, or compassion. The art of doublespeak is used by Bush administration to blind the issues, and defect blame for anything that goes wrong.

But enough political talk, I have another journal for that kind of talk, Windmills, which is part of the American Bliss section of my website.

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