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Progress and an Instant Rapport -- 01.10.05
I'm happy to report that my Grandmother is feeling better. Certainly I'm not going to say that she is out of the woods yet. She's far from that. Thankfully there has been an improvement in her health in the last few weeks. But I can't help but worry, since I don't know if the chemotherapy is doing its job. There's a lot of speculation going through my mind these days. Like what if the therapy isn't working, but her improvement is a false sign of improvement. I don't know what to think. Then there's the last couple of days, in which she has taken a bit of a bad turn. She feels weaker, and is back to sleeping all day. I'm not sure if it's not just the medication, or something worse. This makes me sad, and worried.

This entry will probably be very random, like many of my entries lately. In my last entry I put a picture of my neighborhood after the rain. It's raining again, so I decided to post another picture of my neighborhood. This one taken from space, on a nice sunny day.

Image Hosted by

I like this picture because it shows my end of the block, the house, and even my car. Well, certainly the roof of my house, and car. I wonder where I was when the picture was taken. Obviously I was home, but I wonder what I was doing. Interesting. What's also in the picture is the van that is PERMANENTLY parked down the street. The van must have taken root by now.

Back to the rain, that's been pouring here for the last couple of weeks... I don't miss the sun though. I love the rain. I would enjoy it all the more if we didn't have a leak in our roof. It's a slow leak, but one that will probably do a lot of damage in the long run. I'm sure that the part of the roof that leaks is completely rotting.

Jumping back to last week, did you see the Orange bowl halftime show? The one in which Ashlee Simpson was booed. Not booed a little, but a lot. I think Ashlee should go back to lip-syncing. She sounded better, way better, when she wasn't actually singing. What amazes me is how there are people out there that saw the SNL thing, and the halftime show, yet still defend her as a good singer. First off, she isn't a singer. She's a corporate creation, put together by a committee of people who take bits and pieces of actual music, and strip them of any meaning. These little pieces are then packaged into this neat little music act, devoid of actual talent, or artistic vision. Nothing is ever a product of happenstance, or creativity, but rather of perfectly thought out product placement. I guess that's why hate the Ashlee Simpsons of the music world. I can almost take if they were honest and said that she was just an "act," a made up product. But these types always want you to ignore the man behind the curtain.

On a more pleasant subject, I met this great girl online. She will be known as Amora Simpatica. I can honestly say that I instantly liked Amora. Have you ever run into someone that you suddenly click with? I mean you have this instant rapport with them, and everything feels so comfortable all at once? That's how it's been with Amora. In a few days we have gone from our first chat online (12/30/04), to our first on the phone Sunday (1/9/05). This is record time for any friendship of mine. To borrow a phrase from the movie Casablanca, "I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship."

We wrote each other letters, and now I'm on pins and needles waiting for Amora's letter. We both mailed the letters on the same day, and she told me that she already got hers. Hopefully I get hers today. Like I said, I can't wait. I'm going to check the mail now. Bye.

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