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Prodigal son -- 10.08.05
I was on my old campus (SMC) yesterday (Friday). It's been over a year since I have been there, and it was nice to step on and see the old place after so long. A lot has happened in that time. I graduated college, my Grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and later died, I started the last phase of my march towards my degree, and now I'm here.

So while on campus I went to see if a couple of my old professors were in their offices. They weren't, most likely because Friday is pretty much a dead day. Everyone that can avoid having a class on Fridays does so like Friday was the plague. I know I did. I went to the third floor of the formally called Tech building (I don't know how to spell what it's called now), and as I walked to the stairs I saw the following poster.

In and of itself it is not interesting. But then I looked closer and saw that Poe died October 7th, 1849, probably the exact moment I was looking at the poster.

Yesterday was October 7th, 2005! OK, it's not that cool... sue me. I thought it was cool when I was standing there. Of all days to see that poster I just happened to see it on October 7th. OK, forget it... you don't think it's that interesting.

Moving on, my iPod is dying and Apple customer service sucks. I went to a local store and told them that I think my battery is dying. They told me that they could look into it, but that it would mean losing everything that's on my iPod. Now I use my iPod as a hard drive back-up. There are files on it that I may or may not have backed up somewhere else. For the most part the files are picture files, and I have backed them up on CD-rom. However, my CD burner has been acting a little strange lately. By strange I mean that the thing will go through the whole process of burning a CD and then when I attempt to play it it doesn't work. I check it on the computer and it will show that it's a blank disc, but burned so that it's basically impossible to attempt to write on it again. It basically becomes a waste of money and time, and a nice shinny coaster. BLAH! Oh, and then there is the price. They say that if the battery doesn't work then they will swap my iPod for some refurbished one probably, at 10% off the price of a new one. I seriously doubt that they will give me a nice semi-new iPod photo for 10% off the price I paid for my regular iPod. I should have asked that. Still, I have a stop gap idea. I'm going to get one of those separate battery packs for my iPod and run it off that. There's one I saw online that promises 100 hours of playback power. I could just get that and ever forget about worrying about replacing the internal battery. It's clear that Apple designed the iPod to be this difficult to maintain. Sad really because I really love my iPod, but the battery issues have always sucked.

Moving on to another subject yet again, it's silly that Carl's Jr. created this "Six-dollar burger" thing to illustrate that the burger is worth that much, but didn't cost $6. Yet, if you have eaten one you will know that the name now practically matches the actual price paid. Yesterday I had one because I was on the SMC campus and hadn't had breakfast. Talia del Monte was in class, and I had nearly three hours to kill. A length of time which would actually go very fast considering how much homework I had. But I needed to have something to eat first, or I would have passed out. The burger cost me nearly $5 in total. I'm not saying that's a lot for a huge burger of its size. The burger alone constitutes a meal. Adding some fries, like I did, pretty much filled me up until the hunger pains finally overcame me at around 9 p.m. last night. My point is that pretty soon they'll have to change the name to "The Nine-dollar burger" because we'll be charged $6 for it.

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