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Photo assignment Saturday -- 10.30.05
For my latest photo class assignment I decided to take a trip out to the Huntington Library. It's really more of a library/botanical garden, which I suspected would afford me an opportunity to take some cool pictures.

Saturday was the first day of the new Orange line busway. I took having to go to Pasadena as an opportunity to hop on the new bus. I wanted to leave super early, but I couldn't.

Still, when I got to the Sepulveda station I found it to be pretty empty. There were more MTA workers at the station than riders. But, the bus was full of people. It was literally standing room only.

At the end of the line, the North Hollywood stop, there were bunches of people and booths full of stuff (below).

One of the things I picked up was an employment application. I'll fill it out today, and send it in. How cool would it be to be if I was driving a train?! Too cool, I say. I applied for a similar job in Santa Monica, because Santa Monica is pretty nice, but they rejected me. I think that the theme for the last six months might have to be "The Rejection of Eric." Oh well, it's just how things are.

Jumping ahead, I finally got to the Huntington Library. My one purpose was to get to the Japanese garden and take as many pictures as possible there. Which is what I did, so that was cool. After visiting the Japanese garden I didn't care where I went.

There was something very satisfying about the Japanese garden. As soon as I stepped into it I felt like I was at home, in my element. Man, I was just SUPER comfortable there. I never wanted to leave. I think that if I get some money some day I'm going to build a traditional Japanese home, with a Zen garden, and yeah. Oh man, I'm getting the chills here, and not just because it's cold in my room. Can you tell I like Japanese gardens? San Francisco has a really cool Japanese garden in Golden Gate Park. Man I miss that town.

The other cool thing at the Huntington is the Mausoleum (below).

The best part about this section of the gardens is that it's far away from everything else. The Mausoleum is pretty isolated, and not many people make the walk to it. When I took the picture above there was a mother and her two kids there, and that's it.

If you look at the map you will see the Mausoleum all the way at the top, all by its lonesome self. Yeah, it was a super nice spot, but there was little time for a respite. OK, it's 11 a.m., I haven't had breakfast, nor taken my shower, and I'm missing the game. Itís time to end this entry.

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