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Foot in mouth -- 01.17.06

IT'S BACK! American Idol, one of my favorite shows, is back! I love the early rounds of the show. I'm always surprised when someone comes on the show for an audition and sings horrible and yet starts to curse out the judges, the show, and sometimes even the other contestants. Tonight's show was classic American Idol. I couldn't stop laughing. Man that is one of the FUNNIEST shows on TV ever. I love this part of the show. The later parts, with the actual singing competition I like too but not as much as this part of the show. Whew, glad to have the chance to laugh. There's more tomorrow!

A couple of people made the news today, Hilary Clinton and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. Let's take Hilary's comments first. While I'm sure she's trying to make a point that the United States Congress is still predominantly a white male's club, I'm pretty sure she could have said it in a more tactful way. But, she said what she said and thanks to that she gave republicans more ammunition to criticize her. Dumb, dumb move on her part.

The second person to put their foot squarely in their foot was New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. Again, I think his heart could have been in the right place but he went about saying it the WRONG way. I criticized Pat Robertson for being a complete idiot for telling me that God was punishing Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon with a stroke for dividing the land of Israel. So I'm certainly not going to hold back on Mayor Nagin for telling me that Hurricane Katrina was punishment for God being angry at America. Both statements were utterly ridiculous. I love how both of these people absolutely KNOW that God is doing all these things. It would be like me saying that God is punishing all those who burn their tongue on hot coffee for being not drinking tea. It's ridiculous, but they don't see that. Logic has vacated their brains, if it ever resided there in the first place.

See, this is why I wrote, and posted, an entry on my other journal about how are eyes are no longer on the prize. I feel that our world has forgotten the meaning being Martin Luther King's cause. Go and read it that entry because I basically said what I wanted to say in it. You can find it at "Essay: No longer on the Prize."

One person I wish hadn't taken their words back is George Lopez. The other night, I can't remember which exactly, he made a remark about Nick Lachey during the People's Choice Awards that apparently Jessica Simpson found offensive. Never mind that it was a damn funny joke (people in this country have no sense of humor), or that the follow up joke was even funnier (a remark about how the Simpson not liking the joke made up for the movie Dukes of Hazzard). George, I guess, bowed down to some pressure to apologize for his remarks. Hell, I say that if someone can't take a joke they best not make visual tripe like the Dukes of Hazzard. George, say it isn't so that you apologized. Man, people in this country just do not have a sense of humor.

It reminds me of the Oscars a while back, when Chris Rock hosted it. Man Chris was funny that night, but right away some humorless person, Sean Penn in this case, had to bring everyone down with his remarks. Ah hell, Rock's monologue at the Oscars was damn funny, and the only reason why the likes of Sean Penn didn't like it was because it was too honest.

That's what this is all about really. People CAN NOT handle when someone is honest. I have to say, at least dummies like Hilary Clinton and Mayor Ray Nagin and Pat Robertson are saying what they honestly think. I have to say that despite the fact that I think what they said was pretty stupid, at least they had the courage to say it. I would feel better if they didn't apologize though, because what they said is what they honestly feel. It's good when people say what they feel inside, because it gives us insight to what they're thinking and feeling.

Yeah, I think Pat Robertson is a complete idiot. But at the same time I defend his right to put his foot in his mouth. That's what's wonderful about the freedom to say what you wish. It will either show the world that you have a well thought out, and articulated, opinion in your head, or it won't. I rather like it when people speak their minds, so in a way I'm defending what these three people said, and I'm saying jeers to those who get offended. I wasn't offended with what Pat Robertson said, I simply laughed because it confirmed my thoughts about him. He should be able to make a total ass of himself. Just like Hilary Clinton and Mayor Ray Nagin should be allowed to voice their opinions without fear of being braded a coot or having to apologize. Come on people, it's someone's opinion. Just because they say it doesn't make it so.

Logging onto MySpace today I saw that my friends list was missing someone. Thanks to the fact that I took a picture right after the last time this happened I was able to know who deleted me. Man I'm smart. LOL

OK, gotta stop writing here because I want to write something on my Windmills journal. I don't get to write too many opinion essays on that journal these days because I don't have time. But two things that I saw on the news tonight really got my hair up, and I have to write about them. Hope you check that journal out.
End Communication.

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