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I'm on my way -- 01.30.06
(10:30 a.m.) Looks like I got the job. I have to wait for the mandatory drug test thing to go through and then I'm on the job. Oh man, I was so nervous but I so didn't show it. Now it’s time for the other big thing for today, the first day of the semester. That's in a few hours. For now I have to get some food in my belly. I was too pumped this morning to eat breakfast. Before that today's picture of the day, which is entitled "Sunset and Tree."

(11:21 p.m.) I'm back, brewing some tea and listening to Stern on the radio. I bought a Brita pitcher last week because my tap water tastes so horrible that sometimes I just want to pour all my freshly brewed tea out. What does that have to do with anything? LOL Maybe I should go and do something before I just sit here and ramble about nothing.

(1:35 p.m.)Surprise surprise, I just saw this headline in the NY Times, "Exxon Mobil Posts Largest Annual Profit for U.S. Company."

Exxon Mobil Corporation said today that its 2005 earnings totaled $36.13 billion, an increase of 42 percent from the previous year. The amount is the largest annual profit ever for an American company.

How do you like that last line, “THE LARGEST ANNUAL PROFIT EVER for an American company.” THE LARGEST EVER! It is any wonder seeing as gasoline prices where at record highs during 2005? This is a smack in the face to every one of us who found it difficult to buy gasoline. There were weeks when I would have to weight getting gasoline or food, and that's not right. Talk about an example of greed, this report is the epitome of corporate avariciousness.

(2:54 p.m.) I'm currently sitting in... (stopped because I spotted a friend)

(6:28 p.m.) Back a little early from class. The first night there's not much going on in poetry, just getting to know each other. I know half the people there anyway. There are only 10 people in the class, if you can believe that! The drive home kinda sucked since it was in the middle of rush hour. I almost wished that my class had gone longer, seeing as the regular time the class ends affords me a chance to avoid traffic.

(8:21 p.m.) Skating with the Stars is so silly, but I have to watch it because I LOVE train wreck shows like this. Don't ask me why I love these kinds of shows, I just do.

(10:15 p.m.) What a long day this has been. I've gotten so little done since I got home a few hours ago. I got out early today because there really wasn't much to do. My poetry class is today only, and I won't be there for another week. I don't have to have a poem ready for at least two weeks, probably three. Still, I'm getting a few ideas together. Even though that girl that hates my guts is in that class I'm not going to dwell on those things. If she writes something really brilliant I'll tell her straight out that I think it's brilliant.

It was super cool to run into some familiar faces. I saw my pal that I met on the orientation. We were talking about our luck with women lately. I told him straight out, "I've had nothing but strike outs." And you know what? I'm glad actually. Those strike outs happened for a reason, what I don't know exactly, but it's certainly a reason. If it's good or bad I'm here now single. But you know what? I'm so not worried about that. This semester is going to be about getting all aces and working off my enormous debt. I'm so pumped right now. Before I got to campus I was worried, and I thought to myself, "Am I going to have the energy to do all these things?" I'm not sure that I will, but the good thing was that once I got on campus I felt this shot of energy. It was a good thing, and I was so ready for whatever came my way. This year is going to be like no other. Women do NOT fit in the equation this year. It's OK really, I need a break from the dismal failure that is my love life.
End Communication.

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