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The Lost Semester -- 02.11.06
I went to get some donuts today because I got the mad craving for a donut yesterday. There's a donut waiting for me on my desk right now.

(chomp) OK, now there's three-quarters of a donut on my desk. LOL (chomp chomp) Moving on, I hate one of my classes. I like all my classes but one this semester. The class in question is English 369. My professor has this crazy idea to teach us grammar. This is an upper division English class, which makes me think that it's silly to review things from freshman composition. I mean what the hell are we, children? I say that if someone makes it this far and sucks at grammar then they deserve to fail. I mean we spent half the class with this shit last night. I was ready to just bolt out of there, which I did as soon as she let us go. I was like a bolt of lightening. I don't think I've ever left a classroom so fast. I would so drop this class if I could. ARGH!

I have no choice but to grin and bear with it. It's a silly class, but at least it's units I don't have to take later. Still, this one class promises to be nothing short of a torture test. It's only the second week and it's already making me feel down in the mouth. I feel so completely lost in that class, and I'm afraid that that lost feeling will expand to my other classes. I don't want that to happen, but the writing on the wall is becoming more clearer. I wish I had a friend in that class to help me make it through it, I don't want this to be my lost semester. Though, I hate to say it, it's beginning to stack up like that's what it's going to be.

OK, to change the subject to a more pleasant subject how about I introduce today's picture of the day, which is entitled "Flying Playing Cards."

I bought some Big Red brand gum the other day and I hate it. The flavor doesn't last but a few minutes, and even the texture isn't that pleasant. It just sucks, to put it plain and simple. So thanks for nothing Big Red gum, YOU SUCK. Dentyne Fire is WAY better.

No surprise here, a study came out the other day telling us what we already knew. Los Angeles has the worst traffic in the nation. And no wonder, there are a billion cars on the road, and half a billion bad drivers driving those billion cars. Just today I saw this woman block an intersection because she was too stupid to realize that she had to wait for the light before she made a left turn. It was just last week that I was rearended because the guy behind me was too busy on the phone to notice that the traffic had stopped. Is it any wonder that I take the Metro downtown, and I'm planning on going to a museum in Santa Monica on the bus next week?
End Communication.

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