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Rainy day dream away -- 02.18.06
Yesterday I went to Santa Monica to see the Ashes and Snow exhibit there. I thought it was a cool idea seeing as it's a traveling museum made out of shipping containers and various other things (pictured below).

Inside is a collection of photographs, and three films, by Gregory Colbert. I wasn't very familiar with his work so I took the bus to see this exhibit. I'll give it a C+ for various reasons. The pictures were very good, but by the end I was feeling a bit bored by the repetitive nature of each picture. The second thing that struck me is that every person in the pictures has their eyes closed. While I'm sure there's some artistic reason for this, it made me feel creeped out.

I get that it's about a harmony with nature, but man I just understand why everyone's eyes have be closed. Like I said, that part really freaked me out. To the point that I really just had to cut my losses and leave. Also, the structure is pretty damn huge, but the exhibit only had 100 photographs. While the layout was pretty cool, I think more would have been better. Of course since the ones I saw left me feeling creeped out, I can only imagine that more photos would have left me wanting longing for a rubber room.

The beach was nice though (pictured below).

I hadn't been to the beach in years, and in this past calendar year I've been twice. That's a record, for me anyway. It was too cold for anyone to go into the water though. The edge of the beach was populated, but not the water itself. Hell, I can't imagine how cold the water must be. The air alone was giving me the chills.

As I drove by on the bus I noticed a place from my past. A few years ago I served on a jury for a criminal trial. The crime occurred right at a bus stop on Ocean Ave. on the Palisades park side (pictured below).

That was such a long time ago, but I still remember the details of that case. Basically this guy got off work at 3 a.m. and was waiting for the bus to come by when a van pulls up. A guy jumped out and put a gun at this belly and asked him to give him his money. He did, and a bystander told the guy who was robbed that he should call the cops. Now the Santa Monica P.D. is literally five blocks away from this bus stop. The call came out and the cops busted the van right next to the Norm's restaurant on Colorado and Lincoln. The court house is right next to the police station, so the crime and trial happened within a 7 block radius.

As I walked to the bus stop for my return trip to the Valley this guy offered me his business card saying, "I'm running for mayor."

I turned around because I was heading the wrong way. I doubled back to get back on track and find the bus stop when I saw the guy talking to himself, with another business card in his hand. Man, just when I was so looking forward to backing this guy in the next mayoral race. Oh well. Good luck Mr. Johnson.

Last topic for today's entry is found items. When I got off the bus I saw that it was raining. I had to make it home as fast as possible. But while walking by the free way overpass I saw this ketchup packet. What struck me was the writing was different. I went back to check it out and sure enough it said something totally off the wall. Here, look for yourself.

"Will 'work' for nuggets?" What does that mean I wonder. Either way I thought it was funny.
End Communication.

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