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Don't fall for her Eric -- 03.05.06
I have so much on my mind right now. The Oscars are on, but the marquee awards aren't being given right now. Those come later in the night. In the meantime, before I head off for dinner, I wanted to sit here and spill my guts.

All I can say to myself is "Don't fall for her Eric." Bottom line I can't let myself fall for anyone. I know it's a silly statement to make, but I honestly feel that it's the right thing to do right now. And yet I'm getting ideas that there is someone that I want to ask out. Now I wonder if this is really just a crush that's a matter of convenience. At the same time my flirting is so obvious that a classmate made fun of me in class the other day. I even have the notes to prove it.

If you can't read my classmate's writing I'll transcribe what she wrote in the bubbles. The big "you" is clear, but the thing I'm supposedly saying is, "La La, that's my poetry." The next figure is of course the girl I'm flirting with, and she's saying, "Oh can I read it?" The last figure is me saying, "Oh really? You want to read my poetry?"

So there you have it, I'm a SHAMELESS flirt (but in a good way). I'm not sure what "In a good way" means to tell you the truth. Again I go back to wondering if I should stick my neck out and ask this girl that I've been "shamelessly" flirting with out. My weekends are taken up by work these days, but at the same time there's always a way to make time for such things. It's funny, the other day I was lugging shopping carts around the parking lot when I thought to myself, "It's a nice thing if a guy is willing to take a girl out... spend his hard earned money on her." Don't you think that's nice? The hell with it all though.

The other day this came in the mail.

As you can see it's from the cancer center at Cedars-Sinai. It's a letter that announces that the cancer center's old entrance is open after being closed due to construction. The letter made me burst into tears. It's something that will always happen I suspect. It's been nearly nine years since my mother passed away and her passing still brings me to tears all these years later. So I would have to expect my Grandmother's passing would also still cause me to burst into tears.

I saw this horrible parent at work the other day. I'm pretty amazed as to what some parents let their kids do, and how they warp them by being total douche-bags. This mother was doing what always drives me crazy, telling her kids to "stop it" but she never backs up her words with any consequences for her brats. See, that's one of the reasons why I don't ever want to have kids. They'll grow up and have to deal with the likes of that woman's kids. What's the use in raising good kids if they're just going to be trampled on by the idiot masses?

Anyway, I'm sleepy and I have to get up early to go to the Getty in Malibu tomorrow. The Getty in Malibu has been closed for over nine years, and I haven't been there in at least 12. So I'm really looking forward to this visit.

Last but not least today's picture of the day is entitled "All-Stars."

End Communication.

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