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There's no time -- 03.11.06
(11:13 a.m.) I'm minutes away from going to work. I honestly don't know where the time goes. Yesterday went SO FAST. I went to work early and the next thing I know it's quitting time, and then next thing I know it's time to go to sleep. I tried doing some homework last night, but reading these days makes me SUPER sleepy. I don't know how I'm going to finish up two novels, and two papers, by Wednesday. Hell, I only have a couple of minutes before I have to get going now. This sucks.

I bought a Tivo with the money from my first paycheck. OMG, how have I lived without this thing? It's so damn fucking cool. The coolest thing is the ability to ask my Tivo to record shows from my computer. OMG, that's way easier than always missing TV shows that I wanted to see, but didn't know about until afterwards. I'll never miss my favorite shows every again! Yay!

OK, only minutes to go until I have to go to work but I want to continue spending it with this.

I got to sleep in on Wednesday! It's super great to get my beauty sleep for once in a long time. I've been so exhausted lately, what with school and the new job. It's amazing how one day away from both those things recharged my battery.

I got my union dues form Thursday. I tell you my soon to be new union charges nearly $40 a month in dues. Fuck, that's almost as much as I pay for my cable. I do have to find another job fast. This was a temporary thing anyway, but now I'm going to try and make it super temporary thing. Like no more than a few months. In short I'm going to start looking for a new job next week.

Today's picture of the day is entitled "Getty Villa."

That was from last week. I should try to post more of the pictures I took while at the Getty Villa. I don't mind filling this page with a bunch of pictures, but I honestly don't have the time these days. Like I said before, I don't have time to do my homework, let along play around here. :(

OK, so I'm still conflicted about the whole "girl I'm developing a crush on" thing. Oh shit, did I say DEVELOPING?! That must mean that I am getting feelings. FUCK!

(10:40 p.m.) Back from a long day of work. Though I must say that the work days do seem to feel a little shorter than the first few weeks. I'm still itching to get another job, but this one isn't SO horrible. I mean, would I like to have more time in order to do my homework? Yes, I would like that very much. But at the same time I'm making the BIG BUCKS. Yeah right! It's all I can do to keep my head above water at this point.

Let me jump back to something I was commenting about his morning, the whole "girl I'm developing a crush on" thing. Shit man, this other girl is nice and all but I honestly don't have time to go out with her if I did ask her out. I best just sit tight and forget about going out with anyone right now. It's for the best, because as energetic as I am, I'm not sure I could handle school, work, and a girlfriend. I rather not even try to juggle that much. I'm having trouble juggling what I go now. Right now I need some sleep.
End Communication.

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