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Classmate sightings -- 04.26.06
Be prepared for another long entry because I have a bunch of things going on. I don't even know where to start so I'll start with this next random subject. At work the other day I saw couple of classmates, one current and one from high school. I thought about going up to the one from high school and asking her if she remembered me. I didn't but maybe next time. I was going to say that she gained a few pounds since I last saw her, but then again who hasn't gained a few pounds since high school? I know I did, though since my Grandmother died last year I've lost nearly 20 pounds. Blame it on not having her wonderful food to eat. It was about time that I lost some weight however. Though some would say that starving oneself isn't the way to go about it. It's just that food doesn't have much flavor these days. Oh, I still have the occasional yummy meal, but that's getting to be pretty rare these days. Also, left to my own devices I don't really eat that much.

Anyway, back to my classmate (was that what I was talking about?). I've seen three of my former schoolmates since I started this job. Two of them looked really hagged out. I think one of them recognized me, this guy named Hanz. He was looking at me a lot as I bagged his groceries. I was going to say something but I thought better of it. Also, we weren't like the closest of friends. Actually, the only reason he might remember me was that we were in the same homeroom in junior high.

I have to say, and this is going to sound super vain, but I'm super glad that I don't look all hagged out like those two classmates I saw all beaten and worn. I guess my living a nice simple life, not smoking like a chimney, and not drinking like a fish has helped me not get all hagged out. At least that's what I gather from the many times that people ask me my age and go, "No way, you're not that old." It happened just before Spring Break as a matter of fact. One of my classmates told another one of my classmates my age and the second classmate was like, "No fucking way!" Course that was an ego boost to say the least.

Man, does it feel that I've written a lot but said nothing? It does to me for some reason. Oh well, moving on... a friend of mine was circulating an online petition on MySpace to bring back some local radio hosts known by the remarkable monicker of "Jamie, Jack and Stench (or Stretch sometimes who knows)." I should have signed it if only because my friend asked me to do so, but I didn't. I think I'll do it right now though. OK, I went and signed the petition but really I'm only doing it for my friend because I don't listen to that show. As a matter of fact I don't listen to so-called "terrestrial radio" since I got my Sirius satellite subscription in December. Believe me when I tell you that I don't miss terrestrial radio one bit. Not when I have so many options on satellite.

I mainly got it to listen to Howard Stern, but there are so many great channels that I find something new every time I explore the other channels. I love this one station called the Spa channel because there are times when I just want to relax with some soothing music. So yeah, for all those who still have to suffer through a ton of commercials and lame radio shows on terrestrial radio all I can say is I'm sorry.

There was some drama at work this past weekend. When I'm not there everything seems to happen and I get the tail end of the story. Turns out that last Thursday one of my co-workers walked off the job because someone asked him to clean up the service deli area. He said something about being on his break and the person who asked him went to the store manager. Well, his walking out that day either caused him to lose his job or to be suspended for a week, I'm not sure. I'll know more when I go into work on Friday. I'm not close to liking this job but I still put my back into this job even though I get paid minimum wage. It's not in my nature to goof off on the job, any job. So when I see that my co-workers head off to the parking lot to goof off, make phone calls, and basically avoid work it makes me mad. Because guess who ends up doing their work while they're goofing off? Yes, you guessed it... ME! The other day one of the new guys was nowhere to be found. A couple of the managers were even commenting about how he was nowhere to be seen. But, in the meantime I was left to do not only my work but his work. So yeah, that fucking sucks! All I know is that I am a complete sucker for being responsible and not goofing off at work. Everyone else does, and it makes me wonder why I have this need to be so responsible. Fuck I'm such a geek.

How about a picture? I'll talk that as a yes. Today's picture of the day is entitled "Father's Office."

I was looking through my old pictures the other night and came upon a couple of pictures from a year ago this week and two years ago this week.

The following picture was taken on April 22nd 2004 at 7:51 a.m. If you couldn't tell that's me while driving, specifically South on the 405. I was probably going to class because that was the only reason why I drove the 405 South. It feels like it was longer than two years ago that I was driving out to Santa Monica.

This next picture was taken last year this week. I wish I could be more specific but I can't access that file right now because my CD-rom is being a total bitch. The picture is of the Getty Center.

It's strange to think that the time that has gone by isn't really that much, but it sure feels like it's been longer.

Just to continue this theme I present to you a picture I took today. It's of my morning class. The girl in the picture is named Trista or something like that, and I think she's kinda cute. She didn't give me the time of day when I tried to talk to her a few weeks ago and today she was walking around gingerly. I saw the guy pictured behind this girl at Target after school today. He gave me a half wave and tried to avoid me.

As I left the store I saw him looking at me out of the corner of his eye. Man, I tell you it's funny how some people don't realize how silly they look. Anyway, it's late and I need to get some sleep. I have a bunch of things to do tomorrow.
End Communication.

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