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Stupid people weekend -- 02.05.07
Work on Friday was decent in that nothing bad happened. Actually something rather cool happened. While on my cart hour (which basically means I'm outside gathering the shopping carts) I found a woman's purse just sitting in one of the carts. I picked it up and took it right into the store and handed it to one of the managers. Sure enough about 20 minutes later a woman comes in and asks the manager if someone has found her purse. She was so grateful that she offered me a reward. At first I didn't accept it, but then my manager said it was OK, so I took the money without looking to see how much it was. About an hour later the curiosity got to me and I checked how much it was. One of my co-workers already knew what my reward was, twenty dollars. I didn't even want the reward, but I took it because the woman insisted. I'm just happy that she got her purse back without anything missing. So yeah, sometimes good deeds are rewarded, and with money. LOL

Of course for everything there is an opposite. Saturday I had work at the library, which is pretty cool because there aren't as many people and I can actually get some homework done. Not more than 10 minutes into my shift this dummy comes and asks where the external stairs were. Duh, OUTSIDE you dumb mother-fucker. You really CAN'T miss the stairs outside, they're HUGE. The following is a picture to show you just how HUGE the stairs are.

So the dummy still says, "Where are the external stairs" in an angry voice. OUTSIDE! YOU IDIOT, I thought to myself as I pointed to the huge stairs in front of the library. Bastard dummy! What the fuck do you think the word EXTERNAL means?! ARGH! Thankfully 99.99% of the people I help at the info desk are not big dummies. Sadly we all focus on the dummies that bother us and not on the others that aren't bastards.

Before I went to work on Saturday I went to explore a section of the campus that I've never visited at all, the orange orchard (pictured below).

I walked around the orchard for a bit and continued to talk until I got to this restaurant that's on campus. I had heard about it, but I didn't know that it actually existed. Being that it was Saturday it was closed though, like everything else on campus.

That's the one sucky thing about working on Saturdays, everything on campus is closed. During my lunch break I had to walk off campus in order to get some food. It wasn't very far, but I only have a half hour for lunch, and in walking back and forth from the library to the food places off campus I spend at least 15 minutes. That leave me with about 15 minutes to scarf down my food. I eat fast, but 15 minutes is a really short amount of time really.

The other pet peeve I have is with some of the architectural choices made on campus. The Student Union was being redone when I went on my new student orientation nearly two years ago. The buildings are now open for business. They are eyesores, to say the least. One of the main buildings is this one pictured below, which might be the biggest eyesore of them all.

The building is devoid of any feeling or style, it is utterly boring and useless beyond its utilitarian compartmentalization. It lacks any sort of joy to bring people to it, as a public building should do. It is not inviting, nor is it easy to use. It seems to be anything but a useful public space in which people can find comfort and unity in. I love good architecture because it says something, it invites, and it is not unlike a piece of art. However, building cinder block boxes that have no spirit is not only lazy it's a crime against aesthetics and beauty. It is a wasted opportunity to unite humanity within an edifice of beautiful shapes and colors. We remember great buildings like the Chrysler building because of their beauty and functionality. A box with a door in front of it does not help to enlighten, nor does it even push us to think. I don't know, I'm just passionate about architecture because there was a point in my life that I wanted to be an architect.

Anyway, time for me to go to bed.
End Communication.

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