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Hey BIG Spender -- 07.06.07
Thursday was a long day. I had to deal with money and cars the whole day. First off, my fatherís car is going to be repaired and Iím going to continue driving it for a while. :( It super sucks, but since heís paying the bill for the repairs I canít really look that gift horse in the mouth. Itís better than me paying for another car. Ideally I would like to repair the Subaru, but thatís not going to happen. The final tally of the repairs to the Nissan is going to be about $1,600.

Which brings me to the another car, my friendís 1986 BMW. I went over to his house to test drive it and found it be quite the ride. I honestly wanted to buy it on the spot, but I had to wait until I heard about the Nissan first. When I got home I got the message that they mechanic is going to fix the Nissan, so I guess I wonít be getting the BMW. :(

I must have known that I wouldnít be getting another car because on the way home I stopped off at a camera shop and bought that Leica D-Lux 3 I talked about a little while back (pictured below).

Hereís the first picture I took, a picture of my TV and entertainment center stuff (pictured below).

So there you have it, in lieu of a newish car I got a new camera. I think the new camera will bring me a lot of joy. The first big event Iíll get to test my Leica is going to be my cousinís wedding on Saturday. Woo Hoo! Iím so going to take a million pictures that day. Iím not entirely sure what aspect ratio to set the camera on though. I have three ratios to choose from: 16:9, 3:2, and 4:3. Being a traditionalist I think most of the pictures I take are going to be in 4:3, but I do want to experiment with the 16:9 ratio.

I picked up my tux for my cousinís wedding on Tuesday. Hereís how I look (without the jacket on though).

This is actually the first time Iíve worn a tux. Iím not sure if Iíll want to take it off after wearing it for five seconds or not. The other day when I was trying it on it felt pretty good though. I just hope not to sit around in the heat for too long or Iíll surly melt. Iíll be sure to post some pictures.

Speaking of pictures, July 4 I went with Veeg de Amor Moreno to the Homenetmen Navasartian Games & Festival at my high school Birmingham (hereís us pictured below while watching a bad basketball game).

It was SUPER cool to check out my old school after so long. Hereís a picture of the school map.

Itís hard to see much detail, but thatís because I had to make it small to fit on this journal thing. Hereís a picture of my old photo class (the door anyway).

Lastly, a picture of my old locker. The open one was mine.

So yeah, I ran around looking at my old haunts while Veeg de Amor Moreno followed me. Iím sure she was like, ďwhat the hell!?Ē It was fun.
End Communication.

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