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Why not Two? -- 09.07.07
I got an email Wednesday from the advisor to the Northridge Review. She wrote to tell me that they want to use another one of my pictures. This is wonderful news! They had already agreed to use one of my photos (pictured below).

I submitted more than one photo, but they only used the one above. But then with wednesdayís email they are now publishing two of my photos. The following is the one they picked, which is a favorite of mine.

With this alone September is already better than stupid August ever was. August sucked SO much. I canít even say that I have much to say about this last month, since nothing good really happened.

Iím sort on money, I havenít looked for a new job, Iíve been putting off asking crappy Ralphís to give me more days, but also not work on the weekends. ARGH, the heat and the time of year has combined to make me super lazy. Not that I needed too much help in that department. I canít imagine what it would be like if I was in school.

I spoke to Veeg de Amor Moreno after so long. Itís amazing how someone can center you and make you feel better. Iím glad I got to talk to you Veeg. :) Thereís not much going on here except that work sucks, Iím broke, and I hate my car. At least I got two pictures in the Review. I donít miss going to class, but I do miss hanging with my classmates. :( Well, then again, thatís what lunches are for.
End Communication.

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