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Preparing for next Tuesday -- 10.05.07
Iím not one who likes to be unprepared for a given situation, so I usually go out of my way to prepare myself for say my interview on Tuesday. Thursday I went down to the Beverly Hills Library to scope the place out and not be caught off guard because I didnít know how to get there, or where the offices are, or the general lay of the land.

I took the bus, only because I hate my car and all that it stands for. Also, I wanted to just walk, and parking is a bitch in Los Angeles. So I got to the library and checked out the place, tried to find the offices by myself, but couldnít. I went to the info desk (ha!) and asked them. They were kind enough to direct me in the correct direction and yeah, Iím partially ready for the interview on Tuesday. Now I just need the day off on Tuesday from crappy Ralphís. I asked for it off, but knowing those idiots they might not give it to me. But this is too important to pass up. If they donít give me the day off Iím calling in sick. Iíd hate to run around the problem like that, but this is something way more important.

OMG, you donít know how much I want this job. Although the challenge of starting something new is both exciting and frightening. But, Iím more excited than frightened... way more excited. Wish me luck everyone, I so need this to get out of the horrible stupid Ralphís world.

Speaking of work, itís gotten so pointless there. The managers are being extra stupid and seem to be losing what little minds they had to begin with. The day I found out about the interview I was happy. By the end of the shift though, I was ready to throw in the towel and just quit (new job or not). The potential of being at a new job threw me off, because the current job is so shitty. So I voiced my anger to a couple of the managers, who shrugged it off. Of course, thatís typical of our store now. The store is so stupid now. Since the time I started Iíve tried to keep a safe distance away from everyone. Iíve made few friends there, basically because I donít care to make friends there. The couple of friends I do have are cool though. We hang sometimes, but nothing too formal. Still, getting away from there is nothing less than a dream. If I get this job at the B.H. library I will thank the universe for such a wonderful escape.

I think that sometimes my aunt wants to find things to do with my stupid. Case in point, the chairs I have in my room. Theyíre from Ikea. I think theyíre cool because they have a sorta art deco look to them, and they are quite comfortable. Mine does not have legs on it, because thatís just how I like it. The other day I come home and the covers are off the chairs and Iím left with a bare chair (pictured below).

What gets me is that just last month my aunt washed those very same covers. Iím not home enough to justify cleaning the covers yet again. Itís just busy work, if you ask me. I know youíre not asking me, but Iím telling you how I feel. Does my chair get dirty fairly quickly? Yes, being a light cream in color means that the dirt can really show up. But in a couple of weeks that is hardly true. Also, as you can see in the picture, in her haste my aunt apparently ripped part of the cushion. So yeah, double ARGH moment when I saw THAT.

Anyway, itís past 2 a.m. right now and I think I best get some sleep. Before I got I have to share with you the following picture. Itís of a crazy lady literally dancing and talking to no one. She kept pointing at the bus as if it were a person. Dang!

End Communication.

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