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I quit today -- 12.13.07
After nearly two years at Ralph’s I went in to work today and quit. They won’t have me to push around anymore. :) Someone told me that i had a smile from ear to ear just before I went and quit. It was SUPER, and I’m still quite happy right now knowing that the next time I step into that place it will be for groceries.

This Monday I accepted a job offer with the Glendale library, which means that I now have two library jobs, and no Ralph’s job. You know that saying about an embarrassment of riches? That’s where I am right now... two jobs and nearly everything coming up my way. To quote a funny line from the Simpsons, “Everything's coming up Milhouse.”

Will I miss Ralph’s? Maybe a little here and there, but for the most part I’ll leave it where it belongs... in the past. I’ll miss a lot of my co-workers because I had a good time with them. But, others I will not miss at all.

In a year that was so horrible at times I’m glad to say that everything is quite literally turned around the last couple of weeks. It’s like night and day, especially after my father died. So yeah, I’m happy. Not much more I can say in this entry except, yup

Here are two pictures from today. The first is of my breakfast at Tommy’s, a meal for celebrating.

This one is of Pasadena city college, where I had to go today in order to get fingerprinted for my new job.

End Communication.

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