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I got a Purse -- 12.27.07
So what did you all get for Christmas? I got a purse (look for yourself below).

Itís SUPPOSED to be some sort of wallet, but NO wallet has straps like a purse. ARGH! I liked the cash I got, and even the socks, but this wallet/purse thing is really going to go without use. Iím thinking of tearing it apart and using the hooks for my keys, but thatís it.

The Christmas/new job present I got MYSELF (a Nintendo Wii) is way better since I downloaded the internet channel. I love watching old episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 off of YouTube, but it sucks having to watch them on my computer. But thanks to the Wii I got to watch one of my favorite MST3K episodes, Mitchell, on my TV (pictured below).

Woo hoo for the Wii and MST3K!

So yesterday (Wednesday) I went and got the first of two physicals I need to pass in order to start my new jobs. They tested my urine, my muscles, my vision; my hearing, and my blood. In short they did the whole thing. I passed with flying colors, of course. Then I had to take the paperwork across the street to Glendale City Hall. While walking there I saw this war memorial (pictured below) for the wars this country has fought since World War I.

One thing struck me as odd, another as sad. First the odd. On the memorials it has something akin to a tag line for each of the wars. For the WWI, for example, it says that famous phrase, ďThe War to End All Wars.Ē If you know your history you will remember that that is what it was considered before WWII came along. So the tag line for the Korean war is ďThe Forgotten War.Ē Which I suppose is true. Most people tend to forget that one. The one for the Vietnam war is strange in that its tag line is ďRemember....Ē And yes, it does include the ellipses. It feels strange because the to me itís like theyíre saying that itís also a forgotten war, like Korea. Then Korean isnít ďTheĒ forgotten war, because Vietnam is too. Just nitpicking, I know.

Then thereís the one for the ďWarĒ on terror (pictured below), which in a sense also has an ellipses in that there isnít an end date.

I know Iím making a political statement, but really that war will never end. To be at war with an idea is to enter a constant state of war. The idea will never be sufficiently snuffed out to ever declare victory over it. It is another way of keeping us in a perpetual state of war, like in ď1984,Ē where the state is constantly fighting a war with one state or another. Again, itís just sad... the whole fucking thing is sad.

You know what I hate? Food. Today I ran around the city, from my house in the Valley, to Glendale, to Pasadena and finally to Downtown. All the while I was hungry, and getting more and more hungry. But, did I eat anything all day other than what I had for breakfast? Nope, because EVERYTHING sucks. I had a craving for a hot dog, but apparently there are only a couple of good hot dog joints in this town. I thought about going to Pinkís, but then it meant going out of my way more than I wanted to. So I ended up just coming home and eating something my Aunt made. It was good, but even that didnít really satisfy my taste buds. Nothing does these days, and that might explain why I donít eat very much. What I did want was a drink, alcohol, but because Iím broke I thought better. But man, now that Iím home nothing is going to stop me from taking a swig of some Gentleman Jack. Wait, now that I think about it, why arenít I already three sheets to the wind? Oh yeah, I was eating.

Lastly, hereís a sign of stupidity. Try to figure out what this sign from Olvera street.

Did you figure it out yet?
End Communication.

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