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Itís getting Darker -- 10.20.08
ďThe night is darkest just before the dawn....Ē

My friend reminds me that I was stupid enough to say that THIS was going to be a good year. Man, was I ever wrong. Things just keep getting worse as the year goes on. Which makes me wonder if this horribleness will continue to get worse and worse, making next year the worst year ever. Only to be topped by the next year after that, and so on and so on. So yeah, I wonít say ďhow can it get any worse,Ē because the Universe has a funny way of showing me just how it CAN get worse.

Friday at my Glendale job I was doing some shelving when I saw the back of this one guyís head and it made me shutter. Hereís the picture I took of this fellow sitting at the end of a stack of books.

The reason I shuttered at that moment is because this guy looked like my friend Joe, who passed away earlier this year. I didnít see this guyís face, he never turned around all the time I was shelving books in that area. Which was a good 20 minutes or so. Itís eerie because I was sure it was Joe. El Patron, after hearing the story, is sure that it was Joe come back to visit me on the Earthly plane. Iím not sure about that, but I was certainly moved to the point that I started to well up.

I donít believe that there is an afterlife, at least not the one described to us in the bible, or other religions. Iíve never seen a ghost, but I would like to see one. If only to have some sort of evidence that there might be something beyond this mortal coil. A few nights before I saw who I thought was Joe at the library a horrible thought entered my mind just before I went to sleep. If this IS all there exists then I will never see my Mother and Grandmother again. That idea tore my heart and I found it hard to go to sleep after thinking that. I made my peace with the idea because that means that I wonít exist in any way when I pass, so I wonít know any better.

Working in libraries Iím always amazed at how people spend their time on the computers there. At my old university library I would walk around the computer area next to reference and see people surfing the web, mostly MySpace. I would walk around later and find them STILL looking at MySpace. And it made me wonder how they could be on that site for so long. That is just one example. At my Glendale job there are various homeless people, people without computers, and others, that come in to use the computers on a daily basis. There is one guy that fascinates me (pictured below).

This guy fascinates me because I NEVER see him do any work on the computer. The various times that Iíll be walking by or coming up from the downstairs area Iíll spot this guy out of the corner of my eye and notice that he doesnít ever do anything other than stare at the computer screen like heís doing in the picture above. The only thing is does is open a vast array of files, folders, and miscellaneous items stored on a flash drive. I told someone about this guy and they confirmed that this guy is forever looking at pictures of women that he has stored on his flash drive. I kid you not, he spends the ENTIRE time Iím there working on a computer looking through his folders, moving items, opening others, and thatís it. Amazing.

A few weeks ago I bought a fisheye camera to take some different kind of pictures. Iíve taken three rolls of pictures and the third one was the charm. I think Iím finally getting the hang of this thing. Here are a couple of examples.

I went up to the Griffith Observatory with El Patron this weekend and got this shot of the Astronomers Monument. Then thereís the bust of James Dean, forever linked to the observatory by the movie ďRebel without a Cause.Ē

There are more, but Iíll save those for another time.
End Communication.

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