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Some Random Things -- 11.27.08
So today is Thanksgiving. I havenít had much luck with Thanksgiving the last few years. Even when itís good there seem to be a foreboding, if you will, of upcoming events. I donít want to list the terrible things that have happened the last several years during Thanksgiving. Suffice to say they have been pretty lousy.

On my way to work yesterday I had a funny encounter with Turbo from the Breakiní movies. OK, maybe not him, but it was funny. I was going to turn right onto this street named Raymond, but there was a guy in the crosswalk. He stopped for a moment, thinking I wasnít going to wait for him to cross the street before turning. But I waved him on an he continued to the sidewalk. Just as he reached the sidewalk he suddenly starts break dancing. I mean full on break dancing, and a little locking to boot. It was so surreal that I wish I had my camera ready to record it. Alas I didnít, and I only have the story to tell you.

Following that I went to work and it was dead the whole night. Every other library in the area closed early, like 5pm, last night. Only we stayed open until our usual 9pm closing time. I didnít check out a book for about an hour and twenty minutes it was so dead. Then all of a sudden, like around 40 minutes before closing time, we have a bunch of people show up. Too random.

I would like to just take Thanksgiving off my calendar and use it as a travel day to go somewhere up North to take a million pictures. Itís not that Iím not thankful for everything, even this lousy year. But the whole formality of it all makes it less fun somehow. For me anyway.

Iím planning on submitting some more of my photographs to the Brand library show. Last year I submitted 10 of what I think are my best works, but they didnít like them enough to accept them for showing. This year Iím going for a different angle. Iím submitting my fisheye and altered scans for consideration. Hopefully those will be out of the ordinary enough to get shown. If not Iíll try again next year.

I talked to a realtor about selling the Bakersfield house. She says sheís optimistic about selling it. There are buyers out there who have cash, are looking for a bargain, and will take that house off my hands quickly. Believe me quickly isnít quick enough. She said that she would call me after the holidays and tell me how much I can get for it and move on from there. Iím not looking for big bucks by any means. Anything I get out of that house is found money, as far as I see. I didnít put a dime of my money into that house, but it will save me from the ever mounting debt that seems to follow me lately. All debts will be wiped out, Iíll go back to zero, and more importantly every dime I make will not go to interest payments.

I broke my moratorium on asking women out. This one was grandfathered in though, because I asked her out a year and a half ago. I didnít pursue anything at the time because I was hoping that things with Malpartida would work out. Course that didnít go the way I envisioned. I was chatting with a friend who knows this girl and asked me whatever happened with her. I was like, ďHey yeah, I should ask her out again.Ē So I did and of course she said no. She said no last year, kinda. Women donít want to hurt you so they do this move that actually serves to both get hurt and to hate them. They donít commit. They just say, ďMaybe, Iíll think about it,Ē or ďWeíll see.Ē Just tell me youíre not interested and thatís that. But of course they canít do that. I took my shot at least. No more asking from here on out.

Well, I best get ready to go over to my Cousinís house for Thanksgiving dinner. To anyone that still reads this journal I would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. If we havenít spoken in a long time it might be a nice time to drop each other a line.

End Communication.

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