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Not the best of days -- 02.27.10

Know what? This past Monday totally sucked. It was as if the Universe wanted to give me a nice shove, and did. Iíve yet to really get a grasp on this homework assignment, that represents the major portion of my final grade. I can fudge it a little, but without it being good I canít make it work in the next section. I'm not even sure if I'm doing it correct. Check that, I KNOW Iím not doing it correct. Today (Saturday) I finally stopped procrastinating and logged onto the school website to check out the peer review I have to look over and then submit. How am I supposed to tell someone else if their work is correct if MY work is in doubt? Damn this class really sucks. Iím seriously wondering if Iím going to make it. Iím wondering if this turns out to be the straw that breaks this camelís back. So frustrating.

Iím in dire need of more money. The bills are still stacked up high, and these days Iím nearly penniless. Iím not sure what Iíll end up owing on my taxes this year, since the house sold in 2009. I got pennies on the dollar, but the Universe still has a joke up itís sleeve for me... I know it. Living hand to mouth isnít anything new for me, but this time around things seem that much harder. Mainly because Iím not only carrying the weight of my debt, but also the weight of work and school... especially school these days.

Speaking of money, the mockery continued this week. Work called me on Monday to ask if I could work more hours at San Marino. The open hours are Thursday and Friday, days I already work the entire day at Glendale. So the opportunity to make a couple of extra bucks goes by the wayside. Not that pennies would help me right now. I joked a lot the last few months about having to sell my blood for money, but every day that passes that idea seems to be more of a future reality.

And all the time I stay here, running in place.
End Communication.

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