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Fridge Doors and Disney/Megan-land -- 09.29.10
First off a bit about my aunt and the refrigerator door. The door on our fridge is made to store certain items, such as big bottles of milk and soda. Whenever I’m done with a soda I place another bottle, unless of course I don’t have another bottle. When that happens a space is created that my aunt seems to always fill with the “wrong” thing. I put quotes around that because technically one can place anything anywhere in the fridge. But, I have this thing about how a fridge should be organized. I believe small items should be on the top, medium sized items in the middle and large on the bottom. And of course the door should hold bottles for soda and milk. As you will see in the following picture, my aunt doesn’t think the same way.

There, a small container of yogurt, which could very easily be on the top or middle shelf is occupying a space that formally had a tall soda bottle. As soon as I bought another soda I moved the yogurt to a more “appropriate” location in the fridge. I know, this is all very silly. Yet, I obsess over little things like this.

In other news, last week Megan and I went to Disneyland for a few hours. I couldn’t stay all day because I had work, and she had stuff to do as well. So, we went and had a good time for a few hours. Here we are on the teacups of the Mad Tea Party.

More than halfway into the ride I decided to record that moment for posterity. Here’s Megan, spinning as I tried to turn the cup as fast as possible while recording.

Needless to say this Disneyland visit with Megan was the most fun I’ve had there in a long time. I always have fun, but this time it was ultra fun.

End Communication.

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