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All is well / LACMA -- 06.05.11
Let me start by saying that technology in this and age is wonderful... until it doesnít work. And yesterday technology nearly failed me. I wrote last time that The Girl went out to figure some things out about her life. I had my doubts because she didnít get in contact with me. But little did I know that the answer to my question had already been sent the day before. But the Universe has a way of making things hard on me. Because that particular text, the one that reassured me that The Girl was staying with me, got log in cyber space. And it wasnít until Friday afternoon that I got the confirmation that I needed. Yes, The Girl and I are still together. I did all that speculating and meanwhile she had already told me her decision. It was easy for her, she said, because she loves me very much. Stupid me didnít get the message, and I started thinking some not so kosher thoughts. :( But all is well now. As a matter of fact, things are better than well. I took The Girl to see the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA. Here are some pictures.

* * * * * *


The Girl in front of the entrance to the Tim Burton exhibit

... and at the end of the exhibit (no photos allowed in the actual exhibit).

Here I am doing my best impression of the fan guys.

Huge elevator at the Broad Contemporary building.

Hereís The Girl inside the elevator. Itís hard to see the scale of how large this elevator is.

We agreed, the tiny elevator exhibit was the coolest thing we saw all day. Hereís a video of it.

Tiny Elevator from Eric G on Vimeo.

Outside of the galleries we spotted someone getting some professional pictures taken. Took bad we saw more than we bargained for.

Afterward we headed over to a place called MILK on Beverly. The burger I had there was dry, and not very tasty. Good thing they added a lot of yummy bacon.

So after the terrible couple of days I had to deal with Saturday was a really good day.

End Communication.

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