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On for good -- 06.22.11
The last time I wrote was a day before TheGirl broke up with me. Tuesday we consummated our relationship again. After nearly two weeks apart from each other (aside from a short visit last Tuesday when TheGirl returned to me), TheGirl and I restart our relationship in earnest Tuesday. As stated above, she did break up with me a couple of weeks ago. For reasons that I really donít want to get into at length, except to say ďshe had some doubts.Ē But all doubts are now gone, and she has realized that money doesnít bring happiness. And that even though Iím a poor slob she is staying with me. From this point forward we decided to not speak about what we now call ďThe Incident.Ē That which broke us up two weeks ago. She had to ďmake sureĒ of some things that she had a lingering doubt about. That doubt has been totally removed, and now we can be together without the specter of that doubt lingering above her head.

Tuesday was a huge day for me. I went to the bank to get some last minute paperwork in. Then our new fridge showed up. Then I called AT&T to convince them Iím not tethering internet off my iPhone. Then The Girl/La Chica came over. Then we made love. Then we had supper. Then she took me to work. A jammed packed day to say the least. I got a LOT of things done. Iím glad The Girl and I are back on track. It was a hard time without her. I can truly say Iíve never loved any woman the way I love her. She is easily the love of my life. She is easily someone I can see spending the rest of my life with. Yes, itís that serious.

Now I mentioned going to the bank. Since I last wrote I have been doing some wheeliní and dealiní to get a loan. Iím getting a loan to consolidate my debts and thereby pay them off. My credit cards are charging me up to 25% interest per year on some of my balances. Last week I tried calling them to see what kind of rate decrease I could negotiate. I was able to bring down one card from 23% to 21%. I know, thatís great... right? You canít tell, but that last sentence was said with a ton of sarcasm. Those fuckers will now have to deal with me not owning them a dime. Iíll owe the bank the money, but they arenít charging me 25%. Soon Iíll have one bill to pay, and I can save some money instead of pouring it into a money pit that is credit card interest rates. The day I get my loan I will pay off those stupid cards and throw them out. The gravy train stops here credit card companies. You wonít have me to pay your crappy rates.

To end this entry I post a picture of TheGirl, taken Tuesday while at dinner at The Hat. Iím completely in love with this woman. I want the Universe to know!

End Communication.

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