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People are Dumb (one in a series) -- 12.31.14

I fucking hate people that feel the need to ruin everyone’s time. Play-doh put out a toy where you “decorate” a plastic cake with kid versions of kitchen items used to decorate cakes. I guess some people think it looks like a penis. Yes, it certainly does... so what? Lots of things look like a penis, why does that automatically mean that the designers had intentions of offending you people? People just need to get over it. In the old days before Twitter offenses like this would only be known if a bunch of dopes started some sort of write-in campaign. But these days anyone with a Twitter account can make a big stink about anything. Fuck you! If a little thing like this toy “ruined” your Christmas than you obviously don’t understand what Christmas is about. What always gets lost this time of year is that ultimately we’re just lonely monkeys searching for some meaning to our lives. Some people cling to the story of some guy that was born on December 25th for hope and solace. But that story is now just a backdrop for the real worship, the worshiping of money. Hey, I say have a good time buying all that stuff. I only gave one person a gift this year. Everyone else gets nothing but well wishes. It’s better that way. Better to not continue a stupid cycle of spending money I don’t have. In short, don’t be a dick and tell your kids that the toy you just bought them looks like a cock. They don’t know it looks like anything but a toy. Be an actual grown-up and remember that the world has MUCH worst things to deal with. Get your kids ready for the world by not being such a Pollyanna. Get them ready for when their 401k goes down the tubes, or when their significant other cheats on them. Or for the every day reality of having to grind out a living at some soul-deadening job.

The caption on the photo above says, “I bet you can’t scroll down without liking this picture.” Ah, I EASILY scrolled down and didn’t like this photo. I fucking hate these kind of posts on FB. By the way, Facebook has become nothing but a link dumping ground. No one posts their thoughts on that shitty site. I’ve been guilty of what I’m just about to say, that people only post links and pictures of random shit they find on the internet. I have had this journal for over a decade, and at times I’ve written more than I have other times. Still, at the end of the day I write what I feel. I don’t just put a bunch of links to shit you’re not interested in here so you can link to them. Not that I was a huge fan of FB in the first place, but I found it to be a necessary evil that I had to include myself in, because everyone else is there. Not that I don’t want to miss the party, but I do use FB for information gathering. People just post shit about themselves without thinking about who is looking. I love that sort of shit. I don’t have this HUGE attachment to a mediocre series of movies like the Fast and Furious franchise. The first one was good for what it was. But the rest (at least the couple I saw) are total throw-away movies. This picture just illustrates the banal things that people post on their fucking boring ass Facebook feed.

End Communications.

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